Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Is Your Fone Fashionable And Functional?"

A new Israeli mobile startup company called
"Modu" has released a phone fashion statement. (click 'cancel' on the language install!)

It's an interesting concept. Instead of upgrading to a new phone every so often, simply slip it into a new "Jacket"

Each jacket takes on a new interactive personality. Now you can change the look and feel of your phone as easily as a tie or a pair of earrings. Check out the YouTube tease here.

At the core of this cool new gadget is a wafer thin, credit card sized cellphone. It can then be slipped into a "Jacket" that makes it look like everything from a blackberry, iPhone or any another slim line phone or music player. What is even cooler is that the "Jacket" compatible with any age group.

For instance, the Kids "Jacket" has different functionality than an Adult "Jacket".

Basically, it's the "Transformers" of phones.

Why upgrade the form of your phone when you can simply buy the exterior and have the same functionality as the 'latest and greatest'!

Each 'jacket' adds different unique abilities to your phone. As mobile features continue to change daily, there's simply no need to update your handset...just the "Jacket".

Very smart!

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Mobile Advertising Done Right!"

I was sitting at LAX bored out of my mind waiting for a flight home and noticed a BMW X6 billboard. I stared at it for awhile being that I'm a big fan of their vehicles.

Finally I noticed at the bottom of the board a SMS code to get information on the car sent to my mobile phone.

After texting the code, I got a message that said: "Thanks for your interest in the all-new BMW X6! Visit with your phone. Reply to bmwusa for help. Std rates apply."

When I clicked through, my phone browser launched one of the coolest, interactive sales kits I'd ever seen complete with slideshows, video and complete details on design with bold high-definition images of the vehicle.

The menu was a complete sales kit with some fun options. It even had a 'dealer locator' link on the bottom.

The content was rich, the experience was cool and it killed my time by engaging me while I waited for my flight.

So it gets me thinking, in places where we know that people have long waiting times...airports, commuting on trains/subways or mundane places like the Post Office or DMV, we should consider bold mobile advertising.

While people are idle waiting for something...give them something to engage in. Create mobile advertising that offers an instant incentive or has stimulating video or graphics.

It's true the mobile advertising is created for 'on the go' living. But 'on the go' also means that we're 'in motion'.

BMW did something interesting....they used part of their airport billboards to integrate a mobile campaign...maybe they just knew that people would have alittle more time to check it out.