Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Bluetooth Marketing"

There is no doubt that I frequently write about my smartphone. I'm constantly looking for new ways to "push it" to do new things.

The other day while surfing I stumbled across this company Proximity Media. They do "locaton based bluetooth marketing". I love the walk by a Starbucks and 'boom'...there's the latte coupon! They claim their technology works up to 100+ meters....not bad.

This is the ultimate example of micro-targeting advertisting that is trackable. A great concept that should surely be embraced by the music industry and any other large retail chains.

Following in the new media footsteps CBS just announced a deal with social network LOOPT. Check out the story here.

Friday, March 28, 2008

"Are iPhone Users Really Smarter"

Nielsen Media Research just published a study on the user habits of iPhone users. Among their findings: iPhone users over index in mobile phone usage of all the services smartphones offer.

They conclude: "...While the advanced capabilities of the iPhone contribute to the unique behavior of its audience, it’s also likely that a segment of consumers purchasing the iPhone were distinctively prone to these behaviors. Consider that iPhone owners were 43% more likely than overall subscribers 18 and older to fall in the mobile media-rich 18-34 age segment. They were highly educated, too – iPhone users were 62% more likely to have an advanced degree beyond a BA or a BS. "

In Q4 2007, 87 million U.S. mobile subscribers subscribed to mobile Internet and 14 million subscribed to mobile video, representing year-over-year subscriber growth of 19% and 100%, respectively.

So are iPhone users really smarter or do they just like to show off their device? You decide! In the 'buzz mill' Apple will soon release the new G3 version of this phone.

I had dinner last night with a heavy iPhone user. He was so proud to show me and my wife all of the cool features...browsing, pinching, his music library...but then a very strange thing happened..he tried to make a phone call and the phone couldn't get a signal!

Kind of a 'buzz kill' to his spirited presentation...I gladly slipped my Verizon Motorola Q across the table and said..."here I'll dial for you!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Wi-Fi Highway"

Chrysler announced today that they'll be offering Wi-Fi access in their new fleet of cars. This will certainly open up a pandoras box of programming that will now be available at your fingertips.

I recently did a powerpoint presentation for a friend of mine on the growth of Internet radio. While we were gathering the material, I suddenly came to realize that there are more Internet radio devices for sale now than ever before. In fact, far more than HD radio, the great programming 'innovation' that terrestial radio is touting!

Not only are there more radios available, but far more programming choices for the average listener than regular radio could provide. Broadcast radio folks believe that "local" is the key to success, so what would prevent 'local' internet radio stations from popping up that offer news, weather, traffic and community affairs?

Niche programming is already here on the net, with Wi-Fi penetration just now getting into cars there will no doubt be some great programming opportunities for local communities to spark up some really smart, meaningful programming.

Thanks to Bridge Ratings for the cool graph!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Going Mobile..."

The FCC just approved the use of the 700 mhz band for mobile companies. The reason? As television goes from analog to digital it leaves this pipe open for better quality transmission to mobile.

Qualcomm has a great initiative called "mediaFlo" where they are actually using UHF television bands to transmit data and video to handsets.

Juniper Research predicts "Mobile Music, Games And TV To Generate $34 Billion By 2010", but claims there need to be some needs to be some better innovation to make it happen:
The Juniper report cautions that entertainment service adoption will be retarded unless improvements are made in areas such as the user interface, network coverage and the excessive cost of data services. It also notes that in some mobile areas - such as gambling, adult content and some social networking services - national and international legislation could either adversely impact on growth, or in some cases prevent any service deployment.

I love my Motorola Q...infact in the first week I had to bring it back because Best Buy failed to tell me that I would need an 'extended life' battery to do all the things I wanted the phone to do.

The beauty is that I can now stream thousands of commercial free radio stations from around the world to watching CNN updates and all my favorite music videos. In addition to the comments from Juniper above, increased battery life will be critical. Hold on tight...the mobile content revolution is just beginning!

Friday, March 21, 2008

How Social Is Your Social Network?

I've been spending a tremendous amount of time on Facebook lately. While I've used MySpace, I've always found the servers to be so S-L-O-W that my vice of being impatient always takes over.

While Facebook can be intimidating for first time users, there is no doubt that once you master becomes more fun.

AdAge ran a great article on March 17th called "What Is Marketers' Biggest Challenge When It Comes To Social Networks?".

There seems to be a bit of turmoil in the advertising community among the 'mucky mucks' as to how effective social network marketing is and how you evaluate the ROI. What I find most interesting about all these articles is that they offer the opinions of experts who are so far out of the age range of the 'real' social networker.

I really think it would be great the next time there's a digital media conference, that the moderator invite a group of 12 to 24 year olds to be the really evaluate what they're looking for in a brand and how it translates to their social network online and offline!

There is no doubt that if I had more time...I'd be on Facebook more...maybe even take some time to build a Secondlife profile, but i'm actually trying to spend more time with my 'real' social network these days than my online one.

If Facebook has done anything for me personally, it has made me realize the importance of all the people in my life who have had a profound influence on my thinking. That to me is the real 'social network'!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Who's Doing What?"

Business Week nailed the concept of 'who's doing what' when they published this chart from Forrester Research. If you look closely you can actually see by age group how one study shows how all types of people use the internet.

What I love to see is that 18-21 year old demo is leading the charge both as creators and spectators!

If I had to think of a way to get involved in an emerging could bet on just about any industry that caters to this group. Viral and word of mouth marketing are HUGE with this crowd as is social networking.

Speaking of social's a great article... "Social Networking Widgets Could Reshape Music Biz". A good look from Reuters on the top plug-ins to watch in 2008!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Designer Mobile And A Map Of Your Internet"

"The Devil Talks On Prada"

Fashion has finally arrived on the mobile scene. About 6 years ago I attended a new media seminar in NYC about the merging of fashion and technology. I asked a question..."when will we see a Ralph Lauren PC?" Welcome to designer mobile phones...Prada, D&G and Armani to name a few....see it here!

"Do You Know The Way To..."

This past February, Information Architects posted an incredible Interactive map of the Internet (click the links!).

One of the most comprehensive I've seen so far of the Superhighway we all travel. Drive here!

Kind of cool to see how they categorize related sites by can even rent some space!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Trends to Watch in 2008"

In January the NPD Group published an article of trends to watch in 2008. Thought it would be helpful to post it again... read it here.

A friend of mine runs a youth marketing company in NYC. It's called Mr. Youth. For years now he has been creating "brand ambassadors" for products long before the phrase was coined. Matt Britton it's CEO is in fact the master of creating "micro channels". Check out their case studies...the results are amazing.

And for the music lover in us all...Seth Godin has an interesting post on his blog today, "How many records execs does it take to screw in a light bulb"... check this out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Einstein Said It Best"

I have been lucky enough to be in receipt of something very cool. A copy of a special letter.

It was given to me by a collegue Kenny Noble Cortes. In 1946, his father, Elymer Cortes was a struggling student trying to become a physicist. With a multitude of ideas running through his head he felt compelled to write a letter to Professor Albert Einstein.

Much to his chagrine, the great professor sent a note back to him with advice; typos included!

Of note is one line from the letter to the struggling student, "the main thing is this: if you have come across a question that interests you deeply stick to it for years and do never try to content yourself with the solution of superficial problems promising relatively easy success."

The letter was written and signed April 21, 1946.

I wonder if Einstein were alive today...would he have sent this message via his blackberry?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Direct Marketers Respond To A Recession

I came across this Ad Age article on how the DMA did a survey of direct marketers to get their intentions for 2008. There seems to be a common thread, something that Seth Godin talks about quite a bit....'tribe management'.

As the ability to do mass marketing shrinks, more and more companies will rely on re-evaluting customer databases that they already have. My good friend David Perlmutter is working for an amazing company called NCI Mobility in Chicago. They specialize in wireless data capture. They have the ability to collect and analyze data in virtually 'real' time and close the 'feedback' loop to the consumer within hours. Check out their services it's worth it!

Mass marketing has been the beneficiary of a great economy for such a long time, that now we are faced with the challenge of needing to find ways to identify and excite our brand ambassadors with less. It can be done and quite effectively...we just need to think smarter.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Even The Greatest Thinkers Had Humor

How tight have we all gotten? Maslow was is the most basic human need.

When security is threatened some people just implode. I've seen people snap for no reason just because their financial security is as stake. Perhaps we need to think differently...we need to 'invest in ourselves' again.

It gets me thinking every time I see this picture...if the 'greatest thinker' of our time could take a single moment to express his humor...why can't we?

Sure the economy is tough...but always treat your team with respect and you'll accomplish more than you ever could imagine.


"Welcome To The New Renaissance"

Several Months ago I started a usergroup on Facebook called "Media 3.0". I wanted to be able to share with friends and collegues articles on new media marketing and how to make money.

If you search for it you'll find all kinds of great articles on how to market in a recession, grow your business through social networking, information on internet radio and the music business.

Just this past week, I became a casualty of the 'great economic downturn of 2008'. I'm not upset about it, in fact it's quite liberating.

Thousands of smart people are on the loose. This is the beginning of a new renaissance in thinking. The only sector of employment in media over the last quarter has been in consulting.

Having worked in the media business now for over 20 years. I'm pretty sure I know what engages people. As the economy slows and people are let go, this will allow for exponential growth in independent thinking...hence the renaissance.

I'm very excited about the future. I've always "bet" on myself. Now more than ever I believe this is the time for really smart people to band together to become the new 'corporate' america.

Join's an exciting time.