Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"The Staging Of Obama - Has He Mastered Social Networking?"

Well the DNC just wrapped up here in Denver. Being thisclose to the political process has been really interesting. While Madison Avenue struggles to figure out the real power of Social Networking, "MYBO" may just be the biggest marketing tool ever.

Ad Age recently ran an article on the making of Barack Obama. They said he was being "marketed like a consumer brand". Who else could pull off announcing his VP running mate by text! All you have to do is text "HOPE"to 62262.

Senator Obama's team has effectively learned how to build one of the most powerful databases of passionate Americans through using new media.

On the final night of the DNC, a friend of mine was at Invesco Field. We were texting back and forth. He was actually part of one of the biggest focus groups ever. The Obama campaign has been dedicated to collecting phone numbers, email addresses and other information to create a personal relationship with American voters. In the RED state of Colorado he captured over 80,000 new names to add to his campaign list. His word of mouth marketing will now attempt to turn the state BLUE.

Since signing up for MYBO I now receive personalized email and text messages asking me to participate in the Obama campaign. His website is robust with content and his ringtones are on point. His YouTube videos are personal and make you feel like part of his mission.

Let there be no doubt, his marketing team is on fire...and they have him staged. Note the photos of the Senator Obama with Joe Biden, one in a red tie...the other in blue...neatly matted against their finely pressed white shirts. How we interpret every bit of campaign data we see, hear, smell and feel will influence our vote.

"Brand Obama" is a wonderful thing. It's founded on "passion" and "action". Since the primary over 1.4 million new people registered to vote. His campaign has gotten people who normally wouldn't participate to join in...in essence he has activated a brand new database of new voters.

He'll be able to communicate with them not only during the campaign but after the election.

Even if he doesn't win, Barack Obama has a huge new media machine that he can use for anything he wants. He's a well integrated brand plus he tours, he's online, television and radio and he has got merchandise.

Madison Avenue take note we can all learn something from "Brand Obama 360".

I wonder if Facebook did a convention if 80,000 users would attend?